Flanging and punching machine SMM-1600

Flanging machine model SMM-1600 is especially designed for the construction of axial fans body and for the construction of piping for ventilation.
It execute ribbing, flanging, punching and beading (stiffening of flange) on ferrule / duct.
Machine do all the working operations with only one positioning of piece.
Ferrule is clamped directly on the spindle through an expansion tool which is provided with interchangeable segments that can be easily manufactured.
Quick tool and segments change.
Cycle programming is very fast and simple.
Alignment of punched holes with laser projector.

Technical charateristics of machine:
  • Motor 18 kW with inverter.
  • Hydraulic ejector ø50, stroke 50 mm, for opening/closing expansion tool.
  • Ribbing unit to give stiffness to ferrule.
  • Flanging unit.
  • Punching unit equipped with brushless motor for automatic positioning.
  • Beading unit for stiffening flange.
  • Touch-screen for programming.
  • Safety guards, made in aluminium, fixed on three sides with sliding doors in lateral and posterior parts.
  • Safety light curtain in front side.

Characteristics of pieces:
  • Max diameter: Ø1600 mm.
  • Min diameter: Ø315 mm.
  • Max thickness: 4 mm.
  • Max/min lenght of ferrule: 150 / 1000 mm.
  • Max height of the flange: 80 mm.
  • Max radius on the flange: 65 mm.




  • Flanging and punching machine SMM-1600