Examples of working operations - Videos

Application areas

  • Air and smoke ducts (air duct tubes, straight and T fittings, reductions, bends, flanged drums for ventilation funs, grids ventilation).
  • Bathroom / house articles (sinks, handwashings, waste-paper baskets).
  • Silverware (plates and tableware, cutlery, photo frames, cups).
  • Car accessories (silencers, oil filters, shock absorbers, radiator shells, various tanks).
  • Construction and gardening articles (concrete mixers, wheelbarrow bodies, lawn mower sumps, tops for garden tables, barbecues; door-lock casings).
  • Cookware (cooking pots, pot lids, casserole, trays, kettles, teapts, coffee pots).
  • Food and no-pressure containers (milk cans, beer kegs, oil cans, water tanks, ice-cream containers, mixing bowls, waste containers).
  • Heating (boilers, water-heaters, heater exchangers, round and rectangular expansion tanks, thermal solar systems, collectors for radiators).
  • Household appliances (cooker top, doors, variuos covers, ovens, washing machine / drying drums and tanks, bodies of vacuum cleaner, ironing boards).
  • Lighting (parables for lamps, ceiling lights, lamp bodies);
  • Pressure containers (gas tanks, fire extinguisher shells, gas meter shells, caps and bottom ends).
  • Road signs (round, triangolar, rectangular).
  • Variuos (flanges for cable/hose reels, electric motor fan cover, gas-mask filter).