Presses for assembling

  • Structure is made in thick steel plate, welded, stress relieved and shot-blasted.
  • Slide guided by columns that slide throught self lubricating bushes.
  • Hydraulic group, fixed in one side of the machine, is equipped with:
  • - Main-motor pump unit.
    - Block of control valves.
    - Auxiliary device for actuate the filter and the oil cooler with thermostat for activate the cooling system.
    - Electronically oil gauge.
  • Adjustable pressure switch.
  • Electric cabinet fixed in one side of the press. It contains all the necessary components for the control of the machine, protection of motors, security circuits and controls.
  • Operating desk with digital control with display to set and visualize the sizes.
  • Encoder with wire unit to control the stroke of the slide.
  • Photoelectric barriers.