Deep-drawing hydraulic presses

  • The structure is made in thick steel plate, welded, stress relieved and shot-blasted.
  • The cylinders, made out of special steel, have guides of bronze and the pistons rods are case-hardened and chromium-plated.
  • The slides are guided by self lubricating wear plates sliding on steel guides.
  • The hydraulic group is mounted up the oil tank. It's equipped with:
    - Main-motor pump unit and one block of control valves.
    - Auxiliary device for actuate the filter and the oil cooler.
  • The regulations of the slide stroke, TDC (top dead centre), braking position and BDC (bottom dead centre) are made with PLC, encoder with wire unit and digital control with display.
  • The presses have hydraulic system to hook the slide at TDC and timer to regulate the coining time.
  • The electric cabinet contains all the necessary components for the control of the machine, protection of motors, security circuits and controls and PLC.
  • The operator comand the machine with a two hand control pulpit.
  • Safety photoelectic barriers.
  • The presses work with two cycles:
    - Manual cycle with slow speed and single indipendent movements for the set-up of the machine.
    - Cycle "single stroke'' in which the machine accomplish the complete working after the start of the operator.
  • The machines are complete with the CE certification, handbooks and hydraulic and electric plans.