Destacker-stacking machine complete with motorized conveyors

Sheet metal feeding/stamping line complete of:

  • Decoiler.
  • Straightening unit.
  • Hydraulic shear for the cutting of square metal sheets from coil.
  • Unloading motorized conveyor.
  • Motorized conveyor under the destacker complete with: longitudinal and transversal stoppers for the stop of the square metal sheet in the correct position before the handling, pneumatic arm for the handling of the square metal sheet from the motorized conveyor to the lubricating station.
  • Destacker, complete with rotation head, for the rotation of the square metal sheet or for the rotation+stacking of the square metal sheet during the stop of the hydraulic press that is at the end of the line.
  • N°2 shuttles/stations for the unloading of the square metal sheets.

Technical characteristics:

  • Max dimensions of the square metal sheet: 800 x 800 mm.
  • Material thickness: 0.50 mm.
  • Material type: stainless steel .
  • Production: 18 pieces/min.
  • Stroke x axis: 2600 mm.
  • Stroke z axis: 550 mm.
  • Head rotation: 180°.