For the past thirty years we have been researching and developing machines to manufacture sheet metal products.
The wide range of machines of our production coupled with the experience acquired enables us to satisfy all drawing requirements and; to offer You different solutions in the following area:
  • Ventilation
  • Agriculture and Gardening
  • Automotive
  • Household and Electric appliances
  • Lighting
  • Heating

One of our main citeria is to listen to and undestand Your needs which enables us to propose technologically advanced cost effective solutions. SHEET METAL MEN has a commercial aptitude to meet the requirements and to find out together with the customers the most suitable and economic solutions for every application.
We assist the customer in the industrialization, to construct machines and equipments best suited to manufacture Your product. The problems presented by customers provide a challenge to find new solutions, construct new machines and use new technologies . Research plays a fundamental role, it benefits customers; because the continuos relationship and the collaboration between customers and the company provide the motivating force to discover and develop new solutions. In our company You will find a competent and reliable staff for Your every requirement and advice on identifying both the design and the most-cost effective method to manufacture sheet metal products.

All the machines are designed and constructed according to international standard security laws (CE) and to the Specifications of the customer. The machines have all the documentation that is simple to understand for the operator, with all the drawings, the diagrams and the plans.


Visit our site and contact us for any explanation, offer or to resolve any problem of sheet metalforming, will be pleased to offer you a good service and to individualize and to resolve Your problem.

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